Tips for Assembling an Awesome Street Team

A street team is a great marketing tool that can provide your company with more brand recognition and can help you gain potential clients. However, if the team is not assembled properly, may not have the effect that is intended, and in some instances, may have the adverse effect. The challenging part is relying on your street team to be the face of the company during these important customer-facing events. Here are some key tips to ensure you created a solid, successful street team who will get the job done right:


1. Hire good people

In a nutshell, a street team member should be outgoing, professional, and dependable. You want to hire someone who will talk to each and every customer and potential customer, and really knows how to keep that conversation flowing to build a connection.

Your street team’s job is to always be on their “A game.” You never know who might show up to certain events or whom you may meet while on the job. Professionalism is key here in order to make a strong impression while interacting with customers.

2. Divide and conquer

Make sure the team members have an equal and fair workload. Divide the work duties and let each member know what they should be doing during specific times.

3. Location and frequency matter

The target location, or the type of event you’re attending, should always make sense for the demographic you are targeting. There should also be a high number of customers or potential customers at that event to make it all worthwhile.

It’s also doubtful that your company will be remembered after a one-time appearance. The frequency that you deploy your street team should also be a major consideration. For best results, space your street team out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (budget permitting) so it has a lasting impression of you customers.

4. Dress to impress

Provide the street team members with branded apparel including t-shirts, bags, and any other branded items that would be appropriate for that specific event. Your street team should also have informative collateral about your product or service on hand that includes a call to action, preferably a unique website, where you can track the success of the outreach campaign.


Personal interaction with customers is one of the best ways to get your brand’s message across. If a street team is done well, you should see sales increase almost instantly. However, if done poorly, it could have devastating effects and turn customers off for life. For best results, hire a company with experience that can guide you through the process.




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