How to Choose the Right Channels to Market Your Apartment Community

If you’ve been looking for new apartment community marketing ideas to reach your multifamily prospects but don’t know how to expand your marketing reach and revamp your outreach strategy, we will show you exactly how with a comprehensive marketing plan.

Foremost, your multifamily digital marketing plan should always take into account prospect and competitor research to discern which multifamily marketing methods work for your ideal customers and which could be a waste of time. Doing so strategically can save you time and resources by focusing your energy on the marketing channels that work.

Why Having an Apartment Community Marketing Strategy is Important

Coming up with an effective multifamily marketing strategy is rooted in having interesting marketing ideas for apartment communities that can inspire you to think outside the box. By infusing creative ideas and trends into your strategy, your multifamily community will stand out to prospects who are increasingly relying on the Internet to research and find their new home.

However, to understand if your ideas will be well received by your prospect demographic, you should take the time to study who they are, what they want out of life, and what their biggest pain points are when it comes to finding a new home. 

Likewise, to understand how to package these findings most effectively, research current multifamily marketing trends and study the most effective strategies used by your competitors. Then, work to create a marketing strategy that is geared toward your ideal prospect target and that is packaged in the most effective delivery to turn prospects into renters. 

A strategy will also keep you organized and accountable for content production and data analytics, which you may otherwise manage on a whim. By understanding your marketing end goals concerning prospect generation and business growth, you can reverse-engineer an effective multifamily marketing plan that will get you there within a set time frame and budget.

apartment community marketing ideas

What Are the Best Channels for Apartment Community Marketing Ideas?

Marketing for apartment communities must be visually appealing to be effective. This means that you should choose the right platforms where you can display your property in video and photos. 

Likewise, the ability to story-tell through content is vital for your apartment community marketing ideas. You want to be creative and expressive and be able to tell a unique story from your competitors. The following are the top channels for multifamily community marketing:

Facebook and Instagram

Since Facebook and Instagram are visual platforms, they are the best social media channels to focus on for real estate marketing. Use both exterior and interior photos, videos, and user-generated content to create a visual feast that attracts your prospects, and watch your sales levels surge.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization has a highly favorable return on investment for the real estate niche, helping to grow many businesses in recent years. Although SEO takes time to generate leads, it is a long-term investment that can reap benefits for years to come. Local SEO, in particular, can help you reach your community directly with less competition and better conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective means to nurture your leads once they have entered your sales funnel. Without relying on a platform’s algorithm, it allows you to share your unique message and offers directly to your audience.

PPC Advertising

If you’d like to achieve faster results from a search, Pay-per-click advertising will provide quicker results than SEO. By being creative with your ad keywords and the story you tell with minimal content allowance, you’ll likely capture leads’ attention over your competitors.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to lower buyer resistance by getting in front of an audience that is already nurtured and trusting. By collaborating with influencers, you can “borrow” their audiences and show them the benefits of your apartment community with endorsement and social proof.

apartment community marketing ideas

Apartment Community Marketing Ideas

Your unique apartment community marketing ideas can take root online or in your community. Here are creative ways to market your community with memorable campaigns, events, and collaborations.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are very effective in generating interest in a brand. Creating a campaign around user-generated content, for example, can utilize your community of ambassadors to show off your community authentically. Likewise, contests and giveaways can be an interactive way for prospects to interact with your brand and learn more about you.

Themed Events and Parties

Themed events and parties are the ideal way to engage with your community and connect with prospects personally. By affiliating your brand with generosity, kindness, and community building, your guests can do the marketing for you through word-of-mouth referrals.

Local Business Collaborations

Collaborating with local businesses is another way to leverage the brand power and resources of a partner. Through collaboration, businesses can easily engage mutual audiences to cross-promote and create momentum around a launch, project, or event. These collaborations can also lead to long-term support, learning opportunities, and endorsements.

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Marketing Strategies for Apartment Communities

Event Strategy

Creating a successful event strategy is contingent on successfully engaging current residents and attracting new prospects through community-based events that benefits everyone while also elevating your brand. This approach can involve planning community beautification events, conducting a fitness or wellness program, or hosting themed movie nights.

SEO Strategy

The most effective SEO strategy for apartment communities involves highlighting apartment features and amenities in a way that aligns with the lifestyle needs of the key prospects and utilizing local SEO methods to highlight the location and community benefits of the property. By telling a story about living in your community, you can use SEO to satisfy search engines and your prospects.

PPC Strategy

The best strategy for PPC marketing is to define your campaign goals, understand your audience’s hobbies and interests, and conduct thorough and descriptive keyword research. These fundamental tactics are the key to writing compelling ad copy that converts. 

Trends to Keep In Mind For Your Multifamily Marketing Plan

If you’re looking to shake up your marketing plan with ideas that reflect current real estate trends, the following checklist of multifamily trends can help you brainstorm and solidify your approach:

  • Virtual Tours and Augmented Reality
  • Sustainable Living and Green Features
  • Pet-friendly Living Spaces
  • Wellness Amenities
  • Remote Work Spaces
  • Flexible Lease Options
  • Mobile Friendly Experiences
  • Local Neighborhood Highlights

Apartment Community Marketing Help

Ultimately, strategies are built on ideas, and having winning apartment community marketing ideas that convert can take some testing, tweaking, and patience. However, how would it feel to have someone with expertise brainstorm with you to get many of these ideas right? It would save you time, resources, and energy and help your business grow.

At Primary360, we’re devoted to seeing our multifamily clients succeed at every step of the marketing process, including the ideation phase of strategy-building. Choose our multifamily digital market experts to help you turn your ideas into effective strategies.

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