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Brand Archetypes in Multifamily Marketing

Shifting a development from just-another-multifamily-property to a memorable desirable community takes more than glossy lifestyle images and new signage. At Primary, we build brands that are based in archetypes, and develop unique, alluring, hyper-local creative to turn prospects into residents with seemingly emotional magic. Learn what fuels our process in the latest installment of our blog.

Got Tranquility?

When it comes to attracting legions of stressed-out renters, how can multifamily marketers convey a vision of balance and contentment?

A Connected Bohemian Rhapsody

Pour yourself a Kombucha: Here’s our field report on courting a critical multifamily segment.

Greener Multifamily Pastures Ahead

From COVID-Movers’ remorse to rising Zoomtowns, the multifamily map continues to shift in 2021. Get ready for more demand in more areas.

Hello Again, Marketing Funnel.

When it comes to turning prospects into happy renters, an old stand-by might be the key to your next multifamily breakthrough. Remember the Marketing Funnel? […]