Balance. Serenity. Calm. In a culture of overwork, stress, and uncertainty, these are the buzzwords that resonate for residents today. There’s no “off switch” when folks leave the office, in part because the office for many is now their living room, but also because constant work is now nearly expected. Professionals in every category are pinged at all hours on their smartphones while trying desperately to find time for their own pursuits and personal lives.  It’s no wonder meditation apps like Calm and Headspace are so popular – we’re all frantically trying to chill ourselves out.

What does this mean for multifamily?

Newsflash!  This overarching feeling of “I’m so maxed out” represents a major opportunity for the multifamily industry. Residents want to come home to a stress-free environment, one where their wants and needs are met, or better yet exceeded. They’re looking for that special place in which they can finally breathe and thrive, and this is the multifamily sweet spot. 

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Calm equals leaseups

Developers and architects have long known their prospects just want to relax, and have responded by creating amenity spaces beyond what residents would find in less premium developments.  Chaises and conversation areas poolside, rooftop grills with outdoor dining for crowds, yoga rooms, fitness centers, billiards lounges, and more – all of these entice residents to come home and wind down in a community of peers.  

Woodmont Way, in West Windsor NJ is a shining example of what can happen when a community keeps the balance of live, work and play in mind and brings its ‘A game’ to the creation of amenities spaces.

Multifamily interior designers engage to create this comfortable vibe with color, texture, and carefully-selected art.  They know that good design has the power to improve lives, lower stress, and lead to higher levels of engagement between residents and staff.  That engagement helps to build a meaningful, welcoming community that residents hate to leave.

Property managers who put forth carefully designed social events know the opportunity, too.  Events like craft beer tastings on the patio turn neighbors into friends, and community room meditation classes create feelings of zen bliss overall.  This camaraderie among residents helps foster the critical connection between renter and ‘home,’ and builds a sense of belonging within the community, elevating the experience at your property.

For marketers, the Zen is in the branding

With all of the elements thoughtfully in place – exceptional amenities, strong interiors, and programs for community development and engagement – how can marketers best respond to convey a vision of balance and contentment? At Primary, we believe the hook is exceptional branding.  From identity, positioning, and messaging to imagery and even the chosen color palette, there is an opportunity to meet prospects where they are and demonstrate the chillaxed lifestyle that awaits in your community.  

Here’s a real-life example of finding the multifamily sweet spot: Out of the unique properties we’ve branded recently, the Woodmont Way community nestled in a tranquil part of suburban West Windsor, New Jersey gives us a little more apartment envy than usual. To create this brand identity, we worked closely with Woodmont to create a look and language in keeping with principles of Feng Shui uniquely applied to this location.

We went into deep research mode to create a concept deeply aligned with the balanced elemental Feng Shui principles while also appealing to the target audience. We consulted everything from scholarly texts on concepts of polarity in ancient Chinese metaphysics, to recent Pew Research Center studies on how contemporary Americans think about wellbeing and ideas of work/life balance. Our tagline, Place of Possibilities, evolves across executions to reflect that integral interplay of mind/body/spirit, and to further highlight the property’s unique offerings. Lush greenscapes and spa-like interiors that help you rest, reset, and recharge? Sign us up!

The core of our work at Primary is evoking emotion through branding, which effectively differentiates multifamily properties in a crowded field.  Sure, competitors may check similar boxes, but through masterful color, on-target graphics, and consistent language, we communicate your property’s unique vibe to set you apart from the rest.  Time and again, our process has yielded positive results for modern sanctuaries all across the country.  We’re proud to practice the magical art of brand creation, awakening all the feels for your community and alleviating the stress of property marketing. Learn more about what we do at

About Primary. We’re an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in bringing places to life and bringing people to those places. For over 25 years, we’ve helped savvy owners, operators, and managers in real estate, hospitality, and beyond conquer their business goals through brilliant brand building, 3D rendering, digital strategy, lead gen, and more. How can we help you? Drop us a line at:

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