What Are Valuable Keywords to Use in Paid Search for Multifamily Industry Marketing?

The multifamily industry is one of the most popular (and lucrative) real estate sectors that develops, rents, and sells residential properties. Given its popularity, it is essential for businesses to stand out in the competitive multifamily industry with a targeted marketing plan. 

Here at Primary/CloudMellow, let our property rental digital marketing experts explain how you can use various multifamily marketing methods, including paid search so that you can more easily advertise and sell multifamily communities.

Why is Multifamily Digital Marketing Important?

Given the competitiveness of the industry, it is important to utilize holistic multifamily digital marketing assets to your advantage. By taking into account changing trends in the industry as well as resident demographics and preferences, you can grow your multifamily marketing strategy on a solid foundation. Choosing to focus on multiple aspects of digital marketing such as paid search, SEO, and social media, will help you increase your traffic/leads, occupancy rates, star ratings, word-of-mouth referrals, and more. 

Furthermore, investing in multifamily marketing can help you grow your brand awareness and leverage your industry expertise. Get to know what your ideal prospects’ value and you’ll be able to better highlight the features and amenities that appeal to that target segment.

Planning for Multifamily Industry Marketing

How to Put Together a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan

Putting together a winning multifamily marketing plan consists of getting clear on a few essential basics, namely:

  • Your competition (not just properties closest to you, but those that are your biggest competition, even across town)
  • Your ideal resident profile (customer profile) (keeping fair housing in mind, of course)
  • The location, amenities and living trends of your community

Once you master these three areas, you can build a foundation for an effective marketing plan. The next steps in the process would be to get clear on your branding, invest in paid search, optimize your website with SEO, and grow your social media presence with user-generated content

However because SEO and social media growth are long-term strategies that take time and effort, we encourage you to prioritize using Google Ads to target leads more quickly and measure your marketing ROI more effectively.

Why Use Google Ads for Multifamily Industry Marketing

The major reasons why we think paid search marketing is one of the best multifamily marketing strategies to adopt include:

  • Targeted advertising. Through strategic keyword research, you can target your ideal prospects with Google Ads.
  • Quick results. While SEO and social media take time to generate leads, Google Ads can quickly help you get in front of users looking for what you have to offer.
  • Budgeting flexibility. Paid search enables you to spend flexibly based on your budget and marketing needs.
  • Adaptability to property trends. Since paid ads can go live fairly quickly, they can be more easily crafted and edited according to emerging real estate trends.  
  • Geo-targeting. Using Google Ads allows you to use location-specific keywords that target your local community, city, and state.

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When it comes to multifamily paid search, understanding which keywords to use for Google Ads and other ad opportunities is essential to successful lead generation. To start exploring the right keywords, think of all the phrases someone looking for your property may use to find you. 

Right away, you’ll notice that many of the keywords are descriptive of the location, type, and function of the property. These descriptive, long-tailed keywords are the best keywords to use in your Google Ads.

The following are some of the most valuable types of keywords to use in paid search for the multifamily industry:

Location-specific Keywords

These keywords include variations of the state, city, and/or town name of your community and can be written at the beginning of your title ad. 

Example: Boston Apartments for Rent

Property Type

By using property-descriptive keywords such as “multi-family townhouses” or “condos,” you can better target your ads to what types of properties your prospects are searching for most commonly. 

Example: Multi-family Homes for Rent in Boston


Many prospects are using transactional words to either “lease,” “purchase,” or find the right property on “sale.” These words are powerful when it comes to narrowing down the intent of the prospect.

Example: Buy Boston Multifamily Real Estate

User generated content for the multifamily industry

Home Features and Amenities, and specials

The post-pandemic search for properties with specific amenities is quite popular. Many individuals want a property with a specific amount of bedrooms, a pool, or a park view. Hence, their searches will always include a component of non-negotiable features and amenities. 

Example: Boston Townhomes with Onsite Gym

Example: Boston Townhomes with First Month Free

Example: Pet-Friendly Townhomes in West Metro

New Construction

New constructions are always in demand, and often, when prospects are on a hunt for a home that is newly constructed, this will influence their search intent. By highlighting whether your property is a new construction, you can more easily target this group of home seekers.

Example: Brand New Construction Apartments in Boston

There is also one other key factor associated with keywords that many multifamily marketing plans neglect for their Google Ads campaigns, The importance of optimizing their Google Ads landing page with their targeted keywords. The landing page is where the conversion action happens, and it needs to feature those keywords correctly. Our expert B2C PPC partners cover how to optimize your Google Ads landing page in a recent article.

How to Find the Most Valuable Google Ads Keywords for Multifamily Digital Marketing

Finding the most valuable Google Ads keywords varies according to one’s location, the type of property, and the extent of competition for them. To discern keyword value in lead generation, make sure to research, analyze, and continually optimize your list of top keywords. 

Here are the best ways to narrow down your list and find keywords that will grow your multifamily digital marketing:

  • Use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. The Google Keyword Planner is an indispensable research tool that helps users plan and conduct keyword research for their Google Ads. It will let you refine your search according to location, language, and date.
  • Conduct a competitor analysis. Analyze your competitors’ ads to evaluate their approach and performance. Review their landing pages thoroughly to gain more insight into their strategies. This will help you gain more edge over your competitors.
  • Regular performance review. It is worthwhile to always tweak your ad strategy according to its performance. You can always pause ads with keywords that are underperforming and invest more of your budget in those that are gaining traction.

How to Measure Keyword Success

You can measure your Google Ad keyword success through various metrics such as the:

  • Click-through-rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost-per-click 
  • Cost-per-convention
  • Quality score
  • Impression share
  • Return on investment

Out of all these metrics, the most important Google Ad performance indicators are Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC), as they embody the most tangible aspects of your ad performance.

Google Ads Keywords for Multifamily Digital Marketing

Get Help From the Multifamily Paid Search Experts

Successful multifamily industry marketing involves a blended approach of prospect research, real estate trend analysis, strategic content creation, and paid search. If you are looking to see your marketing efforts pay off short-term, we recommend that you focus on paid search while you develop your other long-term marketing assets. 

Don’t feel comfortable running paid ads yourself? Get help from us, your multifamily property paid search experts. Primary 360 specializes precisely in working with multifamily communities to elevate their marketing efforts and attract ideal tenants and buyers.  Let’s chat!

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