Why is a Call To Action on Instagram so Important?

When multifamily leaders think about the social media platform Instagram, they likely first think of images or memes, which is what people first flocked to the platform to share. However, as Instagram has grown, its capabilities and even its purpose (for some) have changed. Now, experts in social media are able to focus specifically on Instagram in order to monetize posts and find value in sharing information that could include everything from special offers and sales to coupon codes and testimonials. However, it takes engaging content and a solid Instagram call to action to transform that simple post into one that converts to leads and leases.

With a platform primarily known for image-sharing, you might be wondering how you can add a call to action on Instagram and how it can be shared in order to gain value. Instagram offers a ton of opportunities to build your brand and make money! When it comes to a Call to Action on Instagram, there are a few ways you can implement the CTA. Let’s dive in and explore why having a CTA on Instagram is important, learn how an Instagram Call to Action can be implemented, and examine some examples that you can use as a model!

Why Call To Action On Instagram Important

Having a call to action (CTA) on Instagram is important because there are opportunities to sell your communities, location, features/amenities, as well as to increase prospect/resident viewership of your stories and reels. The Instagram call to action is what will inspire users to take the next step, whether that’s to explore the website further, book a tour, or something else. Essentially, the call to action on social media is what drives the prospect to take your desired action. 

When written and positioned well, the user will be excited to take the next step rather than being forced or tricked. Ultimately, there are so many opportunities for creators to put out content, especially on Instagram, that it is critically important to have a call to action on Instagram so that the content actually converts.

How Would I Include An Effective Instagram Call To Action?

Not sure what to post on Instagram? Thinking about your business goals coupled with what your audience wants to see should help you get an idea of what type of content will make the most sense for your page. Top it off with an effective Instagram CTA, and you’re on your way to having great engagement and content that converts!

In order to include an effective call to action on Instagram, the content creator will want to first determine what action they want the user to take. Just like you research and plan your website, you will want to plan your Instagram CTA.

Clearly defining that action before attempting to incorporate it into your content is important because if you try to direct a user to multiple places at once, they will get confused, and the Instagram call to action will fail. Basically, you will want the CTA to be a single action that is clearly understood by the user.

After you have determined what action specifically you want your user to take, you will want to plan where you will have your CTA on Instagram. Determining what action you want users to take and where that CTA on Instagram will be placed should position you to have successful engagement. There are multiple options for where you put a call to action on Instagram.

Places A CTA Can Be On Instagram

On Instagram, marketers will find that there are a few different places where a CTA can be placed, and all of them perform differently depending on what action is being directed to the user. In short, you will want to specifically research the type of call to action you’re trying to make to determine the best location for your desired action. 

With that said, an Instagram call to action can appear in a profile bio (this is where you’ll most often see links to link trees or websites), in the text of a post, in the image of a post, in a reel and in the caption of a reel, and another option for a call to action to be placed on Instagram is in a user’s story. The user’s story can feature both reels and posts, but it is another location where an Instagram CTA can be shared. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that although both Instagram and Facebook are part of Meta, how CTAs are placed on each platform is unique. While Facebook CTA options are fairly limited because they really need to appear in the text of a post or an ad, there is more flexibility with the call to action on Instagram.

CTA instagram

Best Examples Of Call To Action on Instagram

Instagram content presents great opportunities for your company because there are a number of places where an Instagram call to action can be prominently displayed. A CTA on Instagram can be displayed in the posted image or reel itself, in the text of a post, in a bio, or in a story. 

Some of the best social media call-to-action examples that appear on Instagram involve short videos, reels, or pictures. Strong visual content will draw users in, and finishing that off with a solid call to action on Instagram will get them to take action. While a call to action on social media will do the bulk of the work, it is especially important on Instagram that your content be visually interesting.

Examples From The Multifamily Industry

Apartment marketing caters to a unique market with specific needs. When it comes to the multifamily industry, which markets at the individual apartment, apartment buildings, entire community, or the surrounding neighborhood, there are some specific ways that content creators can capture Instagram prospects in the market for a rental with a strong call to action on Instagram. Let’s take a look at a few proven methods that can really capture this multifamily target audience and make them click on that Instagram call to action.

Call to action Instagram

CTA Example In Posts

When making a traditional Instagram post, creators will likely find that this is the most appropriate spot for rent specials and concessions. These are often time-sensitive to a degree, so they wouldn’t be appropriate for an Instagram bio section, which is not updated as frequently as a post is made. 

Here is an example of an Instagram call to action that appears in a reel (also known as a video post) as well as in the caption. The text is typed over the reel so that it can be read and the deal is also in the caption.

CTA Example In Bios

It’s time to optimize your Instagram bio and include a call to action! Utilizing the space available in an Instagram bio is also an advantageous location for an Instagram call to action because many users visit the bio of a page or content creator to learn more about them, and it also provides space for links. When a call to action on Instagram is placed in the bio, you can add an arrow to even further direct people to click a link. This is a great opportunity to advertise referrals or referral bonuses offered when a referral turns into a renter.  

Referrals can also be advertised in stories, and this can be especially useful if you’re able to capture content generated by neighbors who already love the apartment community. Whether you’re capitalizing on user-generated content or creating your own, you’ll want to have a solid Instagram call to action visible.

CTA Example In Stories

When thinking about locations for an Instagram call to action, your story is an excellent place to advertise that action. You will need to be clear, concise, and direct with the language you use because Instagram stories are very short and users will click past yours if their attention isn’t captured.

Using the story for Instagram calls to action provides an opportunity to take advantage of user-generated content and advertise limited sales or fee reductions. For example, if you’re waiving the fee for a background check or application on the rental, use your Instagram story to direct prospects to contact you with a clear call to action. Don’t confuse users with too many directives. The goal is to keep your Instagram call to action simple.

Examples From The Real Estate Industry

For the traditional real estate industry, your call to action on Instagram will really not differ too much from how it is done in the multifamily industry.

CTA Example In Posts

Using your Instagram post to direct users to a desired action is a staple! This content is always in users’ feeds, and smart realtors will capitalize on it. Use posts to share listings that have just come on the private market or those that are newly available on the MLS with a strong Instagram CTA. 

Instagram call to action

CTA Example In Bios

Realtors can benefit from the clickable links available in bios (whereas links are not clickable in posts or reel captions or comments) by adding their website call to action on Instagram there. The Instagram bio is a great spot to advertise things that don’t change frequently as you won’t be updating your bio as frequently as you make content for the social media platform.

CTA Example In Stories

Additionally, when thinking about social media call-to-action examples, stories often come up as a great spot to advertise on both Meta platforms. Take advantage of dual posting and Facebook CTA options by sharing your CTA to both platforms at the same time. Stories are a great option for time-sensitive deals, like free professional pictures or other deals.

Contact The Experts In Social Media Marketing

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