Branding a New Cranberry Juice Line

Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

How could Bluewater Farms, a traditional farming operation that has been growing cranberries on Cape Cod for three generations, roll out several new cranberry beverages in 2018 and succeed in a crowded beverage market?

The answer: By appealing to both the health-conscious and those who demand great taste.

As a superfood, cranberries check the box on health benefits, containing proanthocyanidins (PACs), powerful antioxidants that may help prevent a range of diseases. But possessing an incredible ingredient is just the start. Bluewater Farms acknowledged the need to blend the natural tartness of cranberry juice with other natural flavors to reach a broader market with sweeter palettes.

Branding: Position and Personality

We developed a new “Crancrafted” brand positioning – a melding of hand-crafted and cranberry – that celebrates the intensive work that goes into harvesting each berry from the bog. We incorporated that message into a refreshed Bluewater Farms identity, linking the brand name to its core value.

We then created Cranman to serve as our brand ambassador. The ultimate superfruit; he’s charged with being the defender against free radicals, out to do right by your body. A responsibility he embodies as one kick-ass tiny fruit with, you got it, super power.

Website: Every Hero Needs a Home

Like all superheroes, ours needed a fortress of solitude to call home, or in our case, a website. Primary’s web development team created an experience that heightened the work of our design leads. Approached thoughtfully, it enhances the vibrancy of Cranman through timing, animation and interaction.

The solution maintains the fidelity and relative proportion of the images, while serving a search engine and browser optimized experience, to create a beautifully responsive site.

Content: A Social Star Is Born

Our social storytelling shares the saga of Cranman to deliver ongoing awareness and engagement for our hero and product. We’re driving consumer attraction through shared interests, focusing on contextual, cultural content that aligns with a community of health and foodie influencers.

Our engagement strategy involves consumers in conversations that are both entertaining and informative. For instance, to reach an audience obsessed with sports, we created the #SuperFruitBowl that pitted the New England Cranberries against the Philly Kiwis. These characters scored TDs, got blended by the blender referee, and were tackled in sync to the actions on the field at Super Bowl 52. For the Winter Olympics, we created a series of postcards and videos from home to support all of the Massachusetts-based athletes on the men’s and women’s hockey teams. We even created a portrait of star Meghan Duggan in cranberries! By sharing all of this content across the Crancrafted Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles, we earned a ton of new fans and followers, high engagement, greater reach and impressions.

Primary has gone above and beyond expectations. From developing a powerful compelling persona, designing our packaging, crafting an online home and helming ongoing storytelling, Primary delivered on all our needs. We couldn’t have asked for a better agency partner to bring our brand into the modern marketing era.”

— Brendan Moquin, Managing Partner, Graystone Limited LLC (parent company of Bluewater Farms)

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