Apartment Marketing Ideas For 2023 and beyond

Looking for new ways to market your apartment community? The rental industry is evolving as people and families have different living needs. Understanding the changing market trends will help you create a new marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve created this list of apartment marketing ideas for 2023 to inspire you and drive results. They’re not listed in any particular order, so pick the ones that you think will work best for your audience and use them! If you need help putting your new knowledge into practice, working with an apartment marketing agency like Primary360 can help you help more residents call your community “home”.

#1 Create an Omnichannel Approach. 

It’s 2023, and your online and offline presence should reflect that. Potential residents want to look up information in various ways, which diverts from the traditional apartment-viewing strategy of in-person visits and apartment guides. Omnichannel approaches are customer-centric, or potential resident-centric in this case, and integrate all interactive touchpoints. For example, someone interested in your apartment community should be able to visit your office and view the online gallery, features, policies, and social media channels simultaneously and seamlessly.

#2 Use Virtual Reality (VR) Tours. 

Offer prospective residents an immersive, 3D virtual tour of your apartments where they can explore the living spaces, amenities, and common areas as if they were physically present. This idea is perfect for people moving to your neighborhood from farther away, like families doing a cross-country move or students coming to a new state for college.

#3 Host Instagram Live Open Houses and Q&A Sessions. 

Are you active on Instagram? If not, you should be – especially if your community is in an area where Gen-Z or millennials live. Host live virtual open houses on Instagram (or another social media platform if that’s not where you get the most interaction), giving viewers a real-time look at available units and answering their questions in the comments.

#4 Make your Team Bios Interesting. 

If all your “Meet the Team” webpage does is list your staff, you’re missing out on a marketable opportunity to make potential residents feel more comfortable with who will be handling their living experience. When people can put a face to a name, they’re more likely to trust whoever they’re dealing with. Use enticing language, a casual (but professional) headshot, and a short bio about the staff member’s background and interests. Don’t forget the contact info! (And for safety reasons, just use the first names of the team members).

#5 Make Sure your Website is Mobile-friendly. 

Everyone’s always on the go; your potential residents are no exception. Ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices to capture potential leads from in and outside your community. For example, here’s a short social media post to promote a recently updated mobile-friendly website:

“Find your perfect home on the go! Our mobile-friendly website allows you to browse apartments, schedule tours, and submit applications seamlessly from your smartphone.”

#6 Promote Using Google Local Services Ads. 

Use Google Local Services Ads to promote your apartment community online. These paid ads appear at the top of relevant local searches, making your messaging the first thing potential residents see when they’re searching for somewhere to live. The number of people viewing your ad depends on your budget; the larger the audience, the higher the budget. This is a great way to increase exposure in a short time frame.

#7 Utilize SEO Optimization. 

One of the most important parts of digital marketing today is ensuring your website is SEO-optimized. A quick Google search will give you an idea of how you rank compared to similar websites. For example, try searching “apartment community near me,” “[name of your town] apartments,” or even the name of your apartment community. However, an SEO specialist can take a deeper look at your analytics and identify areas for improvement.

#8 Create Personalized Email Marketing. 

Build your email list by collecting contact information when people schedule a tour or visit your website. Invite them to stay updated on community news, amenity updates, and other related information. You can even have them fill out a preferences survey to help you send more personalized content based on their interests and needs. Here’s an example of a welcome email you could send to a new email list member.

“Welcome to The Heights mailing list, [name]! We noticed you’re interested in our recently updated two-bedroom units. Here’s an exclusive preview of our available units – just for you.”

#9 Offer Chat Support. 

Capture leads through your website or social media channels using either real-time chat support or an AI chatbot. The AI option is great for pre-written responses about FAQs or other basic information about your community. It’s also useful for short-staffed or small complexes. Whichever option you choose, ensure the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date – especially promotions, prices, and available units.

#10 Stay Active! 

Whether you’re sending weekly marketing emails to your email list, posting on all your different social media platforms, or updating your blog every month, staying consistent is the most important thing you can do to maintain brand awareness. If potential residents can’t learn something new about your community every time they visit your office or online resources, the chances of them scheduling a tour are slim. Some content ideas are:

  • Try posting a lifestyle quiz to help potential residents see which apartment layout fits their needs the best.
  • Have a seasonal photo contest. For example, have residents post their holiday lights and decor to win prizes.
  • Include content about virtual home staging, where you show units that would otherwise be empty and filled with furniture. This helps potential residents see themselves in the home rather than imagine it alone.
  • Talk often about your promotions or specials. Can residents get a percentage off their rent for the year if they refer someone? Do you have a leasing special? Let your potential residents know!

Get More Apartment Marketing Support With Primary 360

With these apartment marketing ideas for 2023, you have diverse strategies to elevate your rental marketing game. Embrace creativity, adaptability, and innovation with our expert multifamily property marketers to watch your apartment community thrive. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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