Responsive Web Design Case Study: Metis Communications

We interviewed Cathy Caldeira Atkins, co-founder of Metis Communications, to provide insight into their new responsive website that Primary Design launched. Here is what Cathy had to say:

Q: What is Metis Communications?

A: Metis Communications is a PR and marketing firm that loves entrepreneurs, startups and great ideas. Metis works with companies of all sizes in many industries, ranging from technology, financial services, consumer goods, biotech and more.

Our senior team of PR professionals employs a unique combination of journalism, social media, content marketing and public relations to help clients get in front of the right audiences at the right time, with messages that make them sound like human beings, not PR super bots. Our clients love us because we simplify their lives, save them money and get stellar results that move businesses forward.

Q: What were the goals for your website redesign?

A: We were ready for a design refresh after a couple of years with our previous site. We wanted a look that reflected modern aesthetics and a design that could showcase the myriad types of content we’re creating: blogs, ebooks, videos, case studies and more. Finally, we wanted our website to be just as accessible to visitors using smartphones and tablets as those using laptops and desktop computers.

Q: Why was a responsive design so important?

A: We asked Primary Design to come up with a responsive plan for our new website, because we know the way our prospects work. They’re online, whether they’re in the office, on a plane or at home, which means they’re using a variety of devices to search for information. We want our content to look great, whether the person viewing it is holding an iPhone or sitting at a desk. Form is such a huge part of that experience now, so responsive design was really important to us.

Q: What are some of the key features of the site?

A: One of our favorite parts of the site is the slider feature on the home page. Visual storytelling is critical in our industry, and the real estate for images at the top of the page helps us convey a lot of detail about our company culture and the value we deliver to our clients. We can also create new slides to highlight industry awards, client wins or other information. Similarly, the boxes at the bottom of the home page give us places to showcase fresh content and give visitors multiple entry points to the rest of the website.

Q: What’s next?

A: The new website is the cornerstone of our marketing efforts. It gives us a beautiful space where we can expand our knowledge center and provide real resources to our clients, prospects and any business leader who wants to know more about PR and marketing. We’re growing and looking at several exciting opportunities in our market, and the site gives us the kind of calling card we need to make a great first impression and keep inbound leads coming back for more.


Cathy Caldeira Atkins is the co-founder of Metis Communications. She has more than 15 years experience positioning, launching and supporting hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs, products and services. Prior to starting Metis, Cathy was vice president at Bell Pottinger USA and account director at LNS Communications. She has represented companies such as Motorola, Dell EqualLogic, Cognos, Adobe EchoSign and many more.

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