Local Wine Labels We Love

As a company that is passionate about what we do, we feel a kinship with brands that are just as passionate. Recently for National Drink Wine Day, we tasted some of the best local wine labels in and around Haverhill. Sommeliers we are not. We’re designers, and although we did not design these labels, we do have an appreciation for how each design was inspired by the grapes inside.


Willow Spring Vineyards – Haverhill, MA

vignoles wine label by willow spring vineyards

Photo Credit: Thomas Csizmadia

This design offers a romantic feeling with the use of basic black and red. The willow tree logo has a single heart undulating from a branch. We feel it symbolizes the wine’s woody and sweet flavors. The typography blends together as if it represents these two flavors falling in love to become one (heart). Willow Spring Vineyards’ tasting room is set in a beautiful barn and we at Primary can vouch that it is well worth the trip – check out a few pictures from a past Primary excursion to this rustic, local winery. You’ll love it.

Blueberry Wine

Sweet Baby Vineyard – Hampstead, NH

blueberry wine label by Sweet Baby Vineyard

We like this label and we like what’s inside even more. You will find this blueberry wine pairs well with dessert or is perfect by itself on a hot summer day. We know white reflects heat and think this might be one reason why they chose this label. Their font selection shares a look with this wine’s light, playful flavor and we love how the stamp treatment highlights that the grapes are grown locally.

Leon Millot Private Reserve

Jewell Towne Vineyards – South Hampton, NH


Leon Millot is a deep and flavorful wine with bright accents of citrus and strawberry. The artwork reflects these characteristics in a Van Gogh-meets-Pink Floyd sort of way. It’s a bit quirky but we know you will see what we mean once you try this unique bottle. If you think the taste is too out there then you’ll be more than happy to try the numerous amounts of other flavors that Jewell Towne Vineyards offers.


Mill River Winery – Rowley, MA

Plantation wine label by Mill River Winery

There’s no “I” in wine, at least not in this brand. This label features a black bird perched on a cattail in the marsh that serves as the letter “I” in all three words. It’s a design treatment that works for them. There’s a bit of history to the Plantation story and we would need another bottle to tell you about it but for the sake of this blog we’ll talk about its taste and the fact that we really enjoyed its hints of raspberry and oak.

Classic Cab

Candia Vineyards – Candia, NH


They call it Red Wine but with a name like Classic Cab we figured out it was a Cabernet Sauvignon. We think it’s pretty cool that they used a simple pencil drawing of a vintage taxi as if it were a sketch from the storyboard to a Robert Deniro film. We feel the basic design pairs well with what’s inside because of its simple taste.

classic cab, mill river, and other local wine bottles.

With 34 years of packaging experience for clients like Martha’s Vineyard Dressing, Co. and the Tap Brewing Company, we love when a design is inspired by a purpose and in this case, the purpose is to make people feel happy. We’re always here to help with any packaging, branding or advertising needs you may have. It’s ok if you want to pay us in wine. We only accept cases though. Cheers!

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