From Dirt to Dreams: How 3D Rendering Gives You an Edge in Multifamily Marketing

Digital differentiation – your make-or-break marketing investment.

The vast majority of renters discover the multifamily rental they want online. They do not have the time (or often proximity) to go visit endless multifamily rental developments. Yours included. Online is where they decide what they want to see. If you do not grab them online, you’ll never hear from them. Ever. In short, giving renters and buyers an online real estate experience that will awe them in the absence of the real thing is critical. It’s the thin edge of a wedge that’s a make or break for your real estate development. We’re not talking table stakes like online plans, a written description, and some badly-lit photos – we’re talking virtual tours that knocks your competition out of the water. Technology matters more than ever.

Enter Digital Solutions. The fun kind.

Imagine the ability for a renter to stroll towards your brand new, luxury multifamily community or mixed-use development through the charming neighborhood it’s nestled in – all from the comfort and convenience of their laptop or mobile phone. They can see, hear, and feel the energy of the bustling coffee shops and cafés, folks jogging through parks, and happy couples walking their pooches along the water. After some urban mood-setting and softening up, they finally get to the purpose of their visit. Your modern, glassy perfection rising up like a perfect celebration of the neighborhood’s soul and the manifest destiny of urban and architectural design. Wide-eyed, they meander through the lovingly appointed wood and steel lobby towards the leather-padded elevator that silently whisks them up to the twentieth-floor. And, with held breath, they open the front door. Across wood grain floors and through floor-to-ceiling windows unfolds a breathtaking view. Bingo. It hits them in the solar plexus with checkbook-loosening, real estate kung fu. They must have it. Before anyone else. Right. Now. And they’re not even in the building. They’re sitting in their office during a lunch break or at home on the couch a thousand miles away.

Quality is everything. Always.

From 3D virtual tours, 2D architectural renderings of floor plans, and views that let visitors experience your real estate development from anywhere in the country – interactive, digital marketing solutions are a powerful and cost-effective differentiator in the real estate industry. And it has become more powerful and cost effective than ever. Quality has gone up while costs have come down. What’s not to like? Well actually, plenty if it’s not done right.

You’ll find a good amount of companies offering to do digital renderings at cut-throat prices. Twenty years of experience and going down the same painful, low-priced road ourselves, taught us that cheap today means expensive tomorrow. The biggest risk we found is that it looks like a hack-job designed by an amateur. Usually because it is. We’ve seen a lot of money spent on dubious deliverables. The design aesthetics of a low-paid digital designer in a churn shop is not the aesthetics of a luxury multifamily renter. It takes time, irritation, and endless iterations to fix that. If there’s anything you should take away from this, it’s this – find someone who knows what they’re doing. If you do not have an expert aggressively representing your investment, digital solutions can quickly turn into a money-pit of disappointment.

Plan how you want to use it. Upfront.

Your virtual showcase needs to be thought through in order to maximize digital efficiencies and savings. Do you want photo-realistic renderings of the building’s exterior and interiors? A guided virtual video tour? Or an interactive visit that allows you to move within a property by clicking on hotspots in your field of view? Or perhaps virtual staging that lets them see a property with different furniture, furnishings, finishes, and paint colors? Or possibly something else?

All of these are powerful digital solutions that help real estate developers in a myriad of ways – downstream and upstream in the real estate process. Upstream, it helps real estate developers market their property before it has even been built. It helps them convince investors, partners, cities, and communities to support their development and not someone else’s. Downstream, it helps rent properties to renters who do not have the time or proximity to go on in-person tours. 

By planning how you want to use your digital investment it actually becomes an investment. One that you can repurpose for a variety of uses and amortize them over the real estate development’s lifespan and multiple marketing channels.

Why clients keep coming back to us.

From virtual real estate tours and interactive real estate experiences, to computer generated imagery – at Primary, we’ve been creating digital real estate solutions for clients just like you for over twenty years. We’ve learned the hard way how not to do it and, more importantly, how to do it. We’ve learned what works hardest for you at the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and at the best price. Our diverse marketing packages are tailored to our various real estate clients’ needs and pockets allowing us to pick and choose what works for them. And our singular focus on real estate branding, marketing, and creative solutions is what sets us apart more than anything else. It’s what we do.


Take a walk through One88 and see how we turned vision into reality in this 3d rendered video. With the sheer amount of options available to renters these days, make sure you stand out from the crowd with something that really wow’s your audience.

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