Valentine’s Day Cards for Graphic Designers

It’s that time of year when your vision is solidly coated in pink and red, or rather 189C and 186C if you speak the language of love for design.

We wanted to save you from some of those lame grocery store cards (think fuzzy velvet hearts and teddy bears hugging roses) with these v-day cards that will speak to the graphic designers or graphic design-loving folk in your life. Feel free to print these out and send to your loved ones – click or tap to enlarge in a new window.

You will always be my primary color

Let's tighten the kerning between us

I'm in a negative space without you


It wasn't an Akzidenz I fell for you

After some a/b testing you have me converted

I can see you in my Futura

you are my complementary color

Can I get the hex code to your heart?

I want to get into your pantones

Leave a comment and let us know which one was your favorite Valentine’s Day card. To stay updated on more fun and creative blogs, follow us. Happy Valentine’s Day from Primary!

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