We’ve always been driven to create memorable web experiences and now we’ve taken it a step further. As form dictates function and function influences layout, we’ve melded our digital development with the popular Shopify e-commerce platform to keep audiences engaged and enticed to buy.


By combining the lacrosse throw with the rules of golf, New Swarm Sports created FlingGolf, which uses a cradle to both throw and putt the golf ball. Within a few years, the sport has traveled overseas to European countries and even launched in New Zealand. And with over 35,000 golf courses worldwide, they needed a seamless web experience to show the world how easy it is to learn, shop, and play the game.

From UX workshops to developing an engaging experience for multiple audiences, we flung together a new website to launch the brand and its voice with embedded tool kits, Shopify integration, and even build-a-stick functionality. Ready to give FlingGolf a swing?

FlingStick prototype evolution and logo
FlingStick diagram
FlingGolf head array